My Work is Done

Sesaat setelah membawa Inter Milan menjuarai UEFA Champions League 2010 dengan mengalahkan Bayern Muenchen 2-0 (dua gol dicetak oleh Diego Milito) di stadion Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Jose Mourinho memberikan keterangan mengenai masa depannya di Inter Milan. Inilah berita yang sangat ditunggu-tunggu oleh jutaan pecandu bola di seluruh dunia.

Secara tersirat, pelatih ketiga setelah Ernst Happel (Feyenoord 1970 dan Hamburg 1982) dan Ottmar Hitzfeld (Dortmund 1997 dan Bayern 2001) yang mampu memenangkan Champions League bersama dua klub berbeda tersebut menyatakan bahwa tugasnya di Inter telah selesai. Dia sudah memenangkan gelar yang didambakan bersama Inter dan ingin tantangan baru yang bisa memotivasi dirinya.

Hal ini bisa diartikan, tanpa bermaksud mendahului, peluangnya untuk meninggalkan Inter Milan menuju Real Madrid musim depan sangatlah besar. Dia juga menyatakan ingin memenangkan kembali Champions League bersama tiga klub yang berbeda. Dan, klub ketiga itu, kemungkinan besar, adalah raksasa Spanyol, Real Madrid.

Berikut ini adalah kutipan keterangan yang diberikan oleh Jose Mourinho, seperti yang saya lansir dari situs Football Italia.

“I feel great sadness at possibly leaving, but in my professional life I try to be as cold as possible to find what I need to do next.”

”I did what I had to, my work is done, I am in the history of the club and Inter will never be the same again. I don’t want too talk too much, as otherwise I’ll cry and change my mind.”

“The chances of me leaving are better than me staying, yes. You can say that.”

“The President is fantastic, I thank him for all he decided to do. It’s not easy to change the Coach when you’ve won the Scudetto. It was also a risk for me, as if I didn’t at least win the Scudetto my career could end with the way the media treated me.”

“I have won everything I could win and if my decision is what I think it will be – not 100 per cent yet, but I’ve got a good idea – I am going after something that gives me great motivation.”

“I am one of the only Coaches to have won the Champions League with two clubs, now I would like to be the first who does it with three.”

“I never really say goodbye. Returning to Stamford Bridge made it feel like home and I will always feel at home at San Siro. I have been very happy here, not so much in Italian football, as I don’t like Presidents saying their Coaches are better or the way the media have treated me.”

“I want to run a risk. If I come to Spain and play against the super Barcelona, it is an enormous challenge and if I do come to Madrid it is to try and win a third Champions League.”

“I don’t tend to stay long at clubs, as I always want to risk and try for something more, so I have to chase a new ambition.”

“I want to point out I have not spoken to anyone from Real Madrid, nor do we have a deal. They are the only club that can tempt me away and give me that new challenge. I reserved the right to take a few days and make my own decision on my future.”

“I thank Italian football for what it has done for me. It is very difficult, every game is tough and the atmosphere is not easy for the manager of a big club, while even the media forced me to be better by keeping me under pressure for 24 hours a day.”

“I thank Italian football, as all this made me a better Coach now than I was when I got here.”

“For the last three or four months I have been considering my next step and after this Final, the important thing is that Inter keep hold of Massimo Moratti, Javier Zanetti and Samuel Eto’o.”

“Milito had come to partner Ibrahimovic and we needed a great striker to play alongside him. I was very happy with this transfer, but when we had the chance to sell Ibra and bring in Eto’o, I thought I could play 4-4-2 and 4-3-3.”

“Eto’o is truly fantastic, as he wants to win always, whether he plays up front, as full-back or in goal! I knew that in Europe you needed to be more balanced and Eto’o could give me that.”

“I have to give the credit to Milito who played every minute, just as much as those who didn’t play a single game. Inter are a big family.”

Saat ini, bola ada di kaki dan piala ada di tangan The Special One. Apapun pilihan dia nanti, bertahan di San Siro atau mencoba tantangan baru di Santiago Bernabeu, saya hanya ingin mengatakan: “Well done, Special One!”

The Special One mengangkat trofi UEFA Champions League 2010.
Pelukan perpisahan antara Jose Mourinho (menyimpan bola yang digunakan di partai final Champions League 2010) dan Il Supremo Inter Milan, Massimo Moratti. Addio!
My Work is Done

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